For shops and webstores wanting to focus on their core competences, it’s often a relief to outsource their logistics. Cubuso provides that relief both in terms of worry and cost. We have the expertise, resources and options. By bundling volumes, we also have cost-effective contracts with transport and packaging suppliers.


When logistics isn’t your key task, you tend to skip the fine points. We know that the right details determine quality and end-customer satisfaction. Checking incoming goods, minimizing packaging, smooth handling of returns, and well-organized reports. It all seems so simple, and when we do it, it is. Operations that add value to the product or process, and often save money.


Online shopping is constantly growing. And every webstore works hard to offer an unique range and look. The positive impression that convinces a consumer to buy, must continue throughout the entire fulfilment process. From correct inventory and prompt delivery to hassle-free returns and friendly customer service. So that the customer is not only satisfied with their purchase, but also with the webstore.

About Cubuso

Cubuso stands for Customized Business Solutions, and that’s exactly what we offer. Tailored solutions for shops, webstores and other companies who want to leave their logistics partly or wholly to us. From warehousing, repacking and quality control to dispatch, returns handling and customer service. From short term to long term.

Cubuso’s way of working can summed up as scalable & flexible.
Scalable: we make it as big or as small as required.
Flexible: from 1 service to a complete chain solution.

Our people work with enthusiasm and pride for our big and small clients in various sectors. Get in touch with us to find out about our experience in a specific sector with no obligation.



We manage a full range of logistics solutions and handle each one with enthusiasm and common sense. This makes us the ideal partner if you’re looking for hassle-free fulfilment of the entire order and service process as well as fast help with a specific issue.


Our total volumes offer economies of scale for all our clients.


Complete, fast and reliable. The solution for product and webstore.


Value Added Logistics and Services at every point in the distribution chain. Automated labelling.

Pick & Pack

For both B2B and B2C.

1-day delivery

In NL, BE and DE, from letter to pallet


Of quality and quantity. Of incoming goods and throughout the entire chain.

Track & Trace

For both sender and recipient.

Customer service

Friendly, professional and in the client’s style.

Product intake, storage and dispatch

Flexibility in volume and cost.

Inventory management

From semi-finished to final product.

Order processing

According to agreements that vary per client.


Inventory, order, management and customized reports.

Order picking

Multiple quality controls for error-free delivery.


Of mail items, packages and pallets.

Returns handling

Receipt, processing and checking of returned items.

Tailored service

Cubuso is happy to help find new solutions. Call or e-mail us.

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